Teacup Gifts for the DIY Bride

I made these for my wedding in May....they came out so cute and only cost me a few rand each...plus they added to the table decor!
The little wire heart swizzels are made with each persons name on and then I spray painted them with  a couple of layers of off white.
I bought the teacups at Milnerton Market in Cape Town for R5.00 (or less) it took me couple trips picking 2 or 3 from different vendors and finding ones that matched my colour scheme more or less. I'd advise you to set yourself a budget before you go and stick to it, without one I woulda spent way more, and besides that it also helped me when bartering, which I am usually awful at.
Then I went home and cut snippets of all my favourite succulents and put them in the teacups with some potting soil. I watered my new little plants and left them in the sun. I left then to grow for several months out on my front patio and finally closer to the time I bought some small stones and topped the soil with it.

Then finally all I had to do was keep them alive and well until the big day....oh and add the heart name swizzels.
This is how they looked on the mock up table.... pretty good I think and everyone seemed to love them. Hope you like them too.


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this date...running a tester

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Still learning

wonder how i get it to show the date?

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My First Attempt

Hi there world!
So this is my first attempt at blogging. Who new making a blog was so confusing, or at least trying to follow the tutorials, editing or even deleting a bungled blog. Clearly I am little computer illiterate here. But anyway looking forward to finally figuring it out!
Wish me luck.

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